Twelve Capital Research Spotlight – Hurricane Season 2017

Despite the number of events impacting the reinsurance and ILS markets during 2017, the outlook for the asset class on both a short- and medium-term view is, in our opinion, a particularly positive one.

During a time of intense pressure, the ILS market has proven its structural robustness and investors have remained committed to the asset class, with a number increasing their allocations to the space over the past few weeks.

For Twelve Capital in particular, the changing opportunity set in this market, driven by spread widening and new portfolio management techniques, remain influential factors in the development of new investment strategies at the firm, as well as in the continued optimisation of existing mandates and portfolios.

Combined, in our view the outlook for the ILS asset class is stronger than it has been for many years, providing both an attractive entry point to allocate into the space and an opportunity for existing investors to increase their exposures to the market over the mid- to long-term.

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Tuesday, 28 November 2017

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