Twelve Capital Event Update – 20 Juli 2020

icn-dark-hurricane20. Juli 2020

Hurricane situation

Currently, there are no hurricanes in the Atlantic basin.

On 10th July Tropical Storm Fay made landfall near Atlantic City, New Jersey. This was a small event causing some localised flooding and power outages.

There are currently two small low pressure systems in the Eastern Pacific, both with a reasonable chance of forming into a cyclone, but they are circa 1000 miles from the east coast of Mexico at present. Two low pressure systems are in the Atlantic basin, one is currently near Cuba and is heading into the Gulf of Mexico with a low chance of formation into a cyclone over the next few days. The other is circa 800 miles east of Venezuela with a low chance of cyclone formation in the coming week.

As always, Twelve Capital continues to closely monitor any catastrophe events and will issue specific updates on any relevant new major events which occur.

Montag, 20 Juli 2020